Poker Hands Odds

Having a good understanding of the odds of you or anyone else having a given hand can increase your chance of winning.

The table below shows the odd of a particular hand being dealt in a 5 card game from a 52 card deck.

Hand5 Cards
Royal Flush1 in 649,739 Hands Dealt
Straight Flush1 in 72,192 Hands Dealt
Four of a Kind1 in 4,164 Hands Dealt
Full House1 in 693 Hands Dealt
Flush1 in 508 Hands Dealt
Straight1 in 254 Hands Dealt
Three of a Kind1 in 46 Hands Deal
Two Pair1 in 20 Hands Dealt
One Pair1 in 4 Hands Dealt
No Pair1 in 2 Hands Dealt

The next table lists the hands in order of increasing frequency, and shows how many ways each hand can be dealt in 3, 5, and 7 cards.

Hand3 Cards5 Cards7 Cards
Straight Flush484041,584
Four of a Kind0624224,848
Full House03,7443,473,184
Three of a Kind5254,9126,461,620
Two Pair0123,55231,433,400
One Pair3,7441,098,24058,627,800
High Card16,4401,302,54023,294,460

The above tables can only provide a rough guide as the exact odds are affected by many variables including the number of players and the version of poker being played.

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